Friday, September 23, 2011

Weekend Fuel - Overly Easy Over Easy

Delicious, beautiful things aren't always easy. But this is.

If you are going somewhere after breakfast, it helps to reduce prep time and cleanup. Eat, go to beach, end of to-do list. This dish will not make you feel overfull like pancakes and sausage will. It will give you the fuel you need to tackle your Friday or hit your hotspot on the weekend.

You cut the cherry tomatoes in half, wash the spinach (no need to dry, just rinse really well) while your skillet is getting hot. Do this by sprinkling a little water in it when you put it on the fire. When the water is gone, the pan is ready.

Add a little olive oil, throw in the spinach and stir. When it wilts a little, push to the side. Put tomatoes open side down. Make room for two eggs, then carefully put two eggs in that space.

Turn off the heat. Cover your pan. All that should take 2 minutes. You can make some toast if you want.

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