Thursday, December 29, 2011

Recipe Book vs Lifestyle Blog

I have received numerous complaints about the fact that I don't give measurements for my dishes. The reason is simple, I am not Betty Crocker.

My goal is for men to get the idea out of their heads that cooking is anything less than manly. Men learn skills best by getting their hands dirty, doing things, not reading the instructions. I want all who read this blog to stop asking, and start doing.

One of the most recent complaints I received was about my gluten free fish and chips
"But how much almond meal do I use?"

Enough to cover the fish, I replied. 

What if I had said how much I used and then their filet was bigger? They wouldn't have had enough to cover the fish and the meal would not have been that great. What if they wanted to recreate fried chicken, would the same amount of almond meal be needed? More? Less?

How many bacon bits do you put in your salad? How many cups of oil do you use to make french fries? How much should a hamburger patty weigh?

Would you tell this woman to wear that bikini?

We know about coverage in areas of our lives with which we are familiar. We all need to get more familiar with different methods, different types of foods. 

Line up a bunch of almonds next to the filet. Make a rectangle slightly larger than the filet. That's how many almonds you should use.

I had to face the harsh realization that I cannot provide a blog post everyday. Thus I cannot give you a point-a to point-b travel guide to even one meal per day. As the saying goes: "Give a man a fish and chips, he'll have fish and chips for a day. Encourage a man to figure out how to bread his own fish, he'll either succeed, or not."

But seriously, if I give you an example of something intricate, like Filet Mignon, scallops, or crème brûlée, I'll be a lot more intricate with my directions. Because broken custard, rubbery shellfish, and overpriced crispy meat are scary. Having to throw away a little almond meal is not.